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Linden Bridge School

A Typical day

General Times and events for students in Main School Boarding (ages 8-16):


7a.m  Key Workers on duty


7-7.45 a.m. Student wakening. Student supervision/awareness of showering (dependant on need)


8-8.30 a.m. Breakfast


8.30-9 am. Brush teeth, tidy rooms, any other chores, free time


9-9.15 am. Preparation for school


9.15-9.30 a.m. Key Worker hand over to school staff


9.30-11 am. House chores, administration duties, team meetings, supervision, annual review meetings etc


11 am. Key Workers off duty


3pm. Key Workers on duty, briefing


 3.15-3.45 pm. Students arrive from school, hand over from class staff to Key Workers Students unpack bags, change into casual clothes (supervision dependant on need), drink and snack


3.45-5.45 pm. Circle Time, afternoon activity


5.45-6.30 pm. Tea


6.30-7.30pm. Evening activity


7.30-8 pm. Start of evening shower/wash time, phone calls home, depending of age


8-8.30 p.m. Supper, clean teeth, depending on age


8.30 pm. Waking Night Staff on duty, hand over from Key Workers


8.30-9 pm. Bedtime for younger students


9-11 pm. Free time, bedtime for older students