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Outreach Covid-19 Information

During the pandemic, we are unable to carry out physical visits to schools


Our current offer is :


  • Zoom meetings with SENCO and class teachers 
  • Email advice for schools and parents 
  • Phone calls with SENCO's 
  • Reports for children who have been seen by one of the team


Please use either or email your Outreach advisor directly 



Reports will be sent as usual if the child has been seen by our service before. Reports will be based upon previous advice and knowledge of the child. 


If the child is a new referral we can provide generic advice via email to SENCO's to support the child's time at school.

The Outreach service was created in 1999 to support pupils with autism included in mainstream schools maintained by Surrey LEA.


The outreach service is a team of AUTISM SPECIALISTS from Linden Bridge, Freemantle's, The Abbey and Limpsfield Grange Schools. 


East Surrey Schools


Primary Service:

Linden Bridge School Tel: 0208 330 3009 Email: 


Secondary Service:

Limpsfield Grange School Tel: 01883 713928 Email: 


West Surrey Schools


Primary Service:

Freemantle's School  Tel: 01483 545680 Email:


Secondary Service:

The Abbey School Tel: 01252 725059 Email:




The Outreach service offers:

Pupil Support


We support pupils with a diagnosis of an Autism in mainstream schools. Support in schools usually begins with one of the specialists observing a child in the class. We can offer support with a variety of issues such as:

·         Including the child more fully into the class

·         Exploring ways in which the curriculum and work can be adapted

·         Understanding communication, sensory and behaviour difficulties

·         Developing the pupil's and other pupils’ understanding of ASD

·         Supporting pupils through the process of school transition



Contact Us

Class teachers, SENCOs, Educational Psychologists and GP’s, can all make referrals for any pupil who has a diagnosis of an Autism. 


We can be contacted by e-mail on:


Or complete the referral form above.