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The Outreach service was created in 1999 to support pupils with autism included in mainstream schools maintained by Surrey LEA. The outreach service is a team of AUTISM SPECIALISTS from Linden Bridge, Freemantle's, The Abbey and Limpsfield Grange Schools. 

East Surrey Schools

Primary Service:

Linden Bridge School Tel: 0208 330 3009 Email: 

Secondary Service:

Limpsfield Grange School Tel: 01883 713928 Email: 

West Surrey Schools

Primary Service:

Freemantle's School  Tel: 01483 545680 Email:

Secondary Service:

The Abbey School Tel: 01252 725059 Email:



The Outreach service offers:
Pupil Support

We support pupils with a diagnosis of an Autism in mainstream schools. Support in schools usually begins with one of the specialists observing a child in the class. We can offer support with a variety of issues such as:
·         Including the child more fully into the class
·         Exploring ways in which the curriculum and work can be adapted
·         Understanding communication, sensory and behaviour difficulties
·         Developing the pupil's and other pupils’ understanding of ASD
·         Supporting pupils through the process of school transition


Contact Us
Class teachers, SENCOs, Educational Psychologists and GP’s, can all make referrals for any pupil who has a diagnosis of an Autism. 


We can be contacted by e-mail on:



Or complete the referral form above.