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In light of the latest government Covid 19 announcement 2021 and after considering the other Surrey ASD Outreach services’ decision to suspend all school visits, the Linden Bridge ASD Outreach team will continue to remain using online meetings only with immediate effect.


We will keep diary appointments already made for Google Meet or Teams meetings; your advisor will be in contact with you to arrange this. If you would prefer, we will rearrange the appointment for a time we can return to school visits.


Any previously scheduled visits will now be carried out as an online meeting


Please continue to refer your pupils’ using our online referral service and a member of the team will be in contact with you as soon as possible

Please be aware that we currently have a huge backlog and we are working through this as quickly as possible


Thank you for your patience, we look forward to continuing to support your pupils’ and staff working with them.


Kind Regards,

Theresa Donnelly, Sarah Scott, and Katie Woods

ASD Outreach Team, Linden Bridge School





Please click on the 'http' link below to open the updated on-line New Referral Form.  


Old forms sent via email to Outreach will no longer be accepted.  The new online forms will be emailed straight to us once submitted.



Outreach COVID-19 information



Please continue to refer pupils to our service and your Outreach Advisor will contact you to arrange your video meeting


The Outreach Team are now able to visit schools to assess children following a referral if video or telephone calls will not suffice.  However, before dates can be confirmed school’s requesting a visit must complete a New Referral form, Risk Assessment form and the new SLA Agreement.   The link for the New Referral Form is above and the SLA and RA documents below.  The SLA and RA forms must be completed and submitted to at the same time the New Referral Form is submitted on-line, or before.  The Outreach Team will contact you as soon as all relevant documents have been received and reviewed.   


Below are some highlights from the forms:-


Covid 19: Risk of transmission between different settings/bubbles

  • Outreach support to be provided by video call and telephone wherever possible.
  • School to consider visits to multiple children, to reduce the number of visits to their setting
  • Schools to contact the outreach team as soon as possible if COVID cases are confirmed in their setting, so that the visit can be postponed or moved online.
  • Outreach workers to wash hands when they arrive at a setting and when they leave
  • Outreach workers maintain over 1m distance throughout all of their visit
  • Outreach workers will ensure the front office has their email for test and trace purposes


Covid-19: Risk of transmission from lack of social distancing

  • Outreach support to be provided by video call and telephone wherever possible.
  • Where a classroom observation is necessary, school staff to place a chair in the classroom for the outreach staff member, who will remain in that chair for the duration of the observation and not interact with the wider class where possible
  • Meetings with school staff and/or parents for feedback to be conducted via telephone/video call where possible
  • Where meetings do take place, school staff must ensure the meeting space is adequately large to facilitate social distancing.
  • The outreach team member reserves the right to refuse a meeting if social distancing is not being observed.

For longer, or full-day visits, school staff to provide the outreach team member with an appropriate break space (i.e. not sitting in the main school staff room).


Covid-19: Risk of transmission from contaminated surfaces and equipment

·         Outreach support to be provided by video call and telephone wherever possible.

·         When outreach staff  demonstrate example resources they will supply copies via email/via our website

·         Outreach staff will carry hand sanitizer and use it regularly.

·         All settings to remind staff and children of good hand washing hygiene.

For longer, or full-day visits, school staff to provide the outreach team member with an appropriate break space (i.e. not sitting in the main school staff room).


Please use to contact us. 






The Outreach service was created in 1999 to support pupils with autism included in mainstream schools maintained by Surrey LEA.


The outreach service is a team of AUTISM SPECIALISTS from Linden Bridge, Freemantle's, The Abbey and Limpsfield Grange Schools. 


East Surrey Schools


Primary Service:

For the Linden Bridge Team, please use email contact in the first place.  If a matter is urgent please contact the school reception.

Linden Bridge School Tel: 0208 330 3009 Email: 


Secondary Service:

Limpsfield Grange School Tel: 01883 713928 Email: 


West Surrey Schools


Primary Service:

Freemantle's School  Tel: 01483 545680 Email:


Secondary Service:

The Abbey School Tel: 01252 725059 Email:




The Outreach service offers:

Pupil Support


We support pupils with a diagnosis of an Autism in mainstream schools. Support in schools usually begins with one of the specialists observing a child in the class. We can offer support with a variety of issues such as:

·         Including the child more fully into the class

·         Exploring ways in which the curriculum and work can be adapted

·         Understanding communication, sensory and behaviour difficulties

·         Developing the pupil's and other pupils’ understanding of ASD

·         Supporting pupils through the process of school transition



Contact Us

Class teachers, SENCOs, Educational Psychologists and GP’s, can all make referrals for any pupil who has a diagnosis of an Autism. 


We can be contacted by e-mail on:


Or complete the referral form above.