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Linden Bridge School


Education for Life: Building Bridges to Independence


Young people will leave Linden Bridge as Lifelong Learners, with the skills, knowledge and interests to access the next stage of their education or life journey. Our aim is for those young people who stay with us Post-16 (majority) to transition from Linden Bridge to mainstream college or to the world of work, equipped with the skills needed to live as independently as possible.

We will provide a creative and relevant school, together with a residential curriculum, underpinned by specialist Autism strategies that engages and excites them and prepares them fully for their next phase.



Early Years Phase


Provide an environment that motivates pupil's engagement skills to interact and develop knowledge of the world around them.


Year R

Semi-Formal Phase


Provide an individualised and creative curriculum to inspire pupils to continue to develop skills to be effective communicators with knowledge of how to self regulate in order to maintain a calm, alert state where pre-requisite skills of EHCP and academic progress can be developed.

Pupils may enter the formal phase at different ages

If Year 3 or below

If Year 4, 5, 6

A small number of pupils need to remain within the semi-formal pathway after Year 6

Change of placement

Formal Phase at LB

Formal Phase

Provide a creatively broad and balanced topic based curriculum that covers academic pathways, underpinned by a structured and comprehensive knowledge of the world curriculum.


Year 4 - 11

Residential Programme

Will provide rewarding and enjoyable learning opportunities to extend the formal and phoenix stage learners’ educational outcomes.

(not all pupils will access residential)

Pupils may enter the Phoenix Phase at Year 10 or 11

Phoenix Phase

Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that enables young people to be challenged to become independent learners. To continue their personalised educational journey to adulthood.


Year 10 - 14

Pupils may transition from LB from Year 11 onwards