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Covid 19 "cautious, phased return" to school

Yesterday, Gavin Williamson (Education Secretary) announced the following: 

That there was a "cautious, phased return" to school - but that would no longer mean all primary year groups going back before the end of term. He also said that if schools had the capacity they could take more pupils if they chose. 
What does this mean for Linden Bridge now? 
We will continue with our current approach. Some children being educated at school and others at home. The home education team will provide child friendly resources to explain to your children why they are still being educated at home. They will also be in touch to discuss if you need any further resources to support you with the education of your child at home. 
If you have any questions or worries about your child’s education at home or school, please email the following members of the leadership team: 

Pupils based in school Sally Markwell (
Pupils based at home – specific classes Seal, Sea lion, Dolphin, Starfish, Seahorse, Coral, Adventurers, Explorers and Alpha 
Emma Murray (
Pupils based at home – specific classes Voyager, Pioneer, Endeavour, Lambda, Gamma, Sigma, Omega 
Mandy Pitts (
What does this mean for Linden Bridge in September? 
We just don’t know. We are planning and hoping for a normal return but we cannot say if this will happen. The DfE are currently working on updated guidance for schools, once we know more we will update you. 
What does this mean for new pupils starting in September? 
At present we are not able to start any transition of new pupils. We don’t want to inform our new families and pupils about how their new school will be in September when we don’t know what September will look like here at Linden Bridge. 

If any of our families due to start with us in September have any questions please email Margaret Mutlow (  

We thank you again for all your patience and understanding during these challenging and uncertain times.