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Linden Bridge School

Covid 19 closure

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these challenging times. We have been working hard to ensure the continuing education of your children. We consider all your children to be vulnerable as defined on page 5 of the attached document. 
We would love to be in a position where we could remain open for all Linden Bridge pupils, but sadly, this is not possible at this moment in time. 
A third of our teachers, key workers and teaching assistants fall into the category of those who are at an increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus, or who are looking after someone who is. These workers will not be able to return until the current crisis is over. 
A number of other frontline staff are also absent due to exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, or who are living with someone who is, which means half of our frontline staff are going to be absent for an unknown length of time. 
We know a number of parents wish to keep their children at home and this will help to relieve the pressure on our school but only to a point. The government is trusting us to make the difficult decisions as to which children can be accommodated in school. 
We have to prioritise children of critical workers and we also face the difficult task of risk assessing all remaining pupils. We hope to have completed this overall assessment by Monday. 
Linden Bridge and Surrey County Council is trying to recruit extra staff. This would enable us to offer additional places. At the moment we do not know how long this will take. 
For those children staying at home, we are providing a suitable home support and education package. This will include: 
Ø A weekly plan of suggested educational activities from your child’s class teacher and/or key worker 
Ø Daily emails from your child’s class teacher to check how the activities are going and any wellbeing concerns or worries you may have 
If you need further clarification or have any concerns, please telephone the school on Monday. 
Thank you, once again, all for patience and understanding. All the Linden Bridge staff hope you stay safe during these challenging times.