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Linden Bridge School

Our Hedgehog Hotel!

Keystage 3 pupils have designed and built a hotel for hedgehogs within their playground. They visited The British Wildlife Centre as part of their Science topic- Seasonal Changes.
There we found out that the hedgehogs of Britain are in danger of becoming extinct.
One of the most inspiring things we learned when we met the hedgehogs, who were just about to begin their hibernation, was that badgers often eat hedgehogs while they are hibernating.
The children were so keen to help protect the species that we decided there and then to create a safe area for their seasonal hibernation in the hope of attracting some prickly guests.
As luck would have it ITV made a fly-on-the-wall documentary called 'The Hedgehog Hotel' which was screened over Christmas.
It is still available on the ITV Hub for 21 more days if you feel like watching it- please do!