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Residential OFSTED

Our latest Residential OFSTED report can be found under Key Information, Ofsted. Here are the highlights:


The residential provision at our school offers a ‘rewarding 24-hour curriculum’ according to the latest report from Ofsted.

"The activities are well-planned and thoughtfully organised to meet the needs of each child. This enables them, according to their abilities, to be fully engaged in developing their targets and plans. Staff are painstaking in their patience and commitment to support the children to achieve.” it says.

Children using our provision benefit from ‘warm and nurturing’ relationships with staff and they care about each other, helping and encouraging their friends and peers. “Children all talk positively about their residential experience, and were keen to show the inspector what they were working on,” the inspection report adds.

Louie, our therapy dog, came in for a special mention as the inspector noticed he has helped reduce a fear of dogs in some children and his visits are enjoyed. Parents are also positive about our residential provision and one told the inspector that their son’s learning while boarding here ‘exceeds all expectations.’

Children are able to engage in a range of activities to complement their education and they are able to choose what they would like to do - either as part of the main group or in one of the smaller groups.

“Children talked positively about their work experience at a local university. They do work supporting in younger classes, or in the local authority offices. Some have trained to become ‘play champions’ to support and encourage play at break times,” says the report.

The inspection, carried out under the social care common inspection framework, recognised how much work has been done to promote safeguarding across our school.

“Leaders have worked tirelessly for several months to review processes and procedures,” the report notes.

“Children are confident in the residential provision and in the school. They all identify the staff they would go to if upset or worried. A member of staff was observed managing the anxiety of a child on her first stay with kindness and skill. There is a strong safeguarding culture among the small residential staff team. All its members are clear about their responsibilities,” the inspector said.

The LIFT partnership, our umbrella organisation, has employed consultants in key areas to improve practice for leaders and managers. “The leadership of the residential provision is particularly strong. The head of care is aware of the progress of all the children who access the service,” the report says.

Our head of care was praised for the highly-detailed half-termly reports and the fact she is ‘constantly seeking to drive the service’.

The inspection highlighted the fact that our leadership team has been working tirelessly to maintain consistency and a great deal of work has already been done to promote safeguarding.

The trust will be fully supporting and working closely with the Governing Body going forward, with confidence that the recommendations will be actioned swiftly.