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School OPEN

With the unpredictable weather this week just a little reminder of the procedure to checking whether Linden Bridge will be open to pupils. 

  • The school website will be updated first thing in the morning as soon as a decision has been made 
  • Updates will be sent via the school communication system, text, and email 
  • Information will be posted on the Parent and Carers Facebook area
  • Surrey County Council will be listing school closures on their website 


Please be advised some transport operators will make their own decisions regarding the safety of transporting children when the weather forecast is uncertain and road conditions are unfavourable and deemed unsafe in their view.  The safety of your child is their priority. May we remind you, if your child’s transport is cancelled and you decide to bring your child into school, it is your responsibility to collect at the end of the school day or if contacted due to worsening weather conditions. 


Linden Bridge leadership team, operators and individual drivers may decide to that your child needs to be collected early, if they see conditions worsening.  We will contact you, to ensure there will be someone at home to receive your child. 


If at any time through the day you become concerned about worsening weather conditions and you wish to collect your child, please do so. 


We will support your decision if you wish to keep your child at home during the unpredictable conditions at present.  Our children travel from far and wide with weather conditions varying greatly between areas. 


Rest assured the safety and wellbeing of our pupils and staff are priority.  May we all enjoy the snow safely - if it arrives.


Kind regards 


 Linden Bridge Team