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Behaviour for Learning


Behaviour is a means of communication and has a cause and a purpose. Behaviour that challenges may signal a need for support and it is essential to understand its underlying causes. It may reflect the challenges of communication, or the frustrations faced by children and young people with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum conditions and mental health difficulties, who may also have little choice and control over their lives. These factors may result in behaviours that are challenging. Behaviours that challenge may reflect the impact on a child or young person of being exposed to challenging environments which they do not understand or where positive social interactions are lacking or personal choices are limited. These children and young people need support to have their needs met in different ways and to develop alternative ways of expressing themselves that achieve the same purpose but are more appropriate.


Here at Linden Bridge we have a Behaviour for Learning Lead – an experienced teacher who has a TLR responsibility for this policy below. This will ensure pupils are provided with the right early intervention and support strategies. Providing the right support will reduce the number of challenging behaviours and enable pupils to be able to flourish