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All pupils in the Primary and Secondary Departments are expected to wear school uniform. School uniform generates the feeling of community and being responsible representatives of Linden Bridge School. It sets a standard in appearance of which both parents/carers and pupils can be proud.

Clothing List:


Primary                                         Secondary

Royal blue sweatshirt *                    Navy sweatshirt *

Royal/sky blue polo shirt *               White polo shirt *

Royal Fleece *                                 Grey sports polo shirt *

Royal Reversible Jacket*                  Navy Fleece*

                                                     Navy Reversible Jacket*


Grey Trousers or Skirt (blue checked dress optional in Summer)

PE Kit, Shoes, Shorts, T-Shirt, Swimming Towel, Trunks or Costume


All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name.


* With school logo - available from


Local store:             393-395 Hook Road



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                              Tel. 020 8786 2211